The Bush League of Nations


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"Jim Swanson is tough-minded, analytical and compassionate—offering us the kind of outlook we need to get beyond the horrors of the George W. Bush years. As soon as Bush begins his long-overdue retirement, he should read this book to learn more about his own crimes. The rest of us can benefit from Swanson's understanding of the recent past that is prologue."

—Norman Solomon, nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics, founder and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy,

Welcome to the Bush League of Nations website.

Yes We Can! Yes We Did! In the momentous elections of November 4, 2008, Obama and Biden routed the Dark Forces of Mordor, and on January 20, 2009, America was officially de-Bushed and Cheney was chucked.

But winning the November 4 elections was the easy part.

Unfortunately, more than a quarter century of Reaganomics and GOP skullduggery—topped off by eight years of misrule by the criminal and incompetent Bush regime—have put America in a dangerous whirlpool with no easy way out. Welcome to the GOP Great Depression II.

Extremely difficult work lies ahead, and every patriot who supported Obama must stay engaged. All hands on deck!

Check out the book page for a no-holds-barred examination of the fallacies and failures of the Bush administration and the GOP. Browse to the about page to learn more about Jim or to contact him.

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